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The Dr. Food Transformation

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*The same results may NOT occur for all patients. In fact, the results achieved with our services may vary SIGNIFICANTLY with individual circumstances and results are NOT guaranteed.

At Dr. Food, we promote positive lifestyle changes which contribute to a healthier you. While most of our patients experience substantial and often rapid weight loss, it is important to remember that we do NOT guarantee results. Results achieved by any Dr. Food product/service may vary SIGNIFICANTLY based on the patient’s level of program compliance and other relevant circumstances.


This includes following a prescribed meal plan and physical activity regimen, as well as attending all scheduled consultations. If recommended, the program may also include FDA-approved drugs and natural supplements, intended to help patients maximize weight loss results.

Extensive Clinical Support

Physician Supervised,
Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss

Physician Supervised, Non-Surgical Medical Weight Loss
Dr. Food promotes positive lifestyle changes which contribute to substantial and lasting weight loss. We support these changes with medical-grade solutions such as

  • Advanced analysis which is used to tailor the program to each patient's needs

  • FDA-approved prescription drugs which dramatically enhance patient compliance

  • Natural weight loss supplements proven to boost energy and metabolism

  • A maintenance membership program designed to help patients keep the weight off

“CoolSculpting by itself is impressive, but when it is combined with a highly effective medical weight loss program, the results can be described as phenomenal.”

- Dr. Food & Dr. Freeze Team

You: Better!™ Meal Plans

Dr. Food’s meal plans have NO over-processed diet meals, NO complicated point systems, and NO lengthy lists of restricted foods.

Instead You:Better! is an easy to follow and highly sustainable plan that does NOT make patients feel deprived or singled-out

  • Reduces caloric intake

  • Limits hunger and cravings

  • Promotes substantial weight loss

  • Based on delicious, freshly prepared foods

  • Can benefit other family members too

Affordable Programs

We want to help as many people as possible, so we offer some of the most affordable medical-grade weight loss programs.

  • Programs which accommodate most budgets

  • NO start-up fees

  • NO long-term contracts

  • NO overpriced packaged foods


FDA-approved Prescription Drugs

At Dr. Food we know patients often need more than just diet and exercise to lose weight.

If appropriate, we prescribe FDA-approved drugs such as:

  • Phentermine / phendimetrazine - suppresses appetite/curbs desire to eat

  • Belviq (Lorcaserin) - acts on serotonin receptors to promote a feeling of fullness or satiety

  • Qsymia (Phentermine-topiramate) - suppresses appetite, curbs desire to eat, may make the patient feel full, and may make foods taste less appealing

Natural Weight Loss Supplements

If recommended, our patients can benefit from the following weight loss supplements:

  • Vitamin B12 injection – a nutrient which has many benefits including increased energy

  • Dr. Food Accelerate™ tablets – boosts energy and metabolism, stabilizes mood, and curbs the desire to eat

  • Lipo Den – basic lipotropic injection

  • Lipo Breakdown™ - ultra-popular premium weight loss injection which helps maximize results

Vitamin B6 Quick Facts

Vitamin B12 Quick Facts

Vitamin C Quick Facts


When Dr. Food and Dr. Freeze join forces the results are practically magical.

It makes perfect sense if you consider this: losing weight makes fat cells shrink, while CoolSculpting kills some of these cells for good. Therefore, the synergistic effect of these two complimentary approaches is nothing short of ground-breaking.We want as many people as possible to experience the remarkable transformation that can occur when you combine CoolSculpting’s ability to eliminate unwanted fat with Dr. Food’s proven medical weight loss programs.

So for a limited time we have a special offer for those who purchase Dr. Food’s all-inclusive 12-week medical weight loss program and CoolSculpting at the same time: Take 10% OFF the standard price for Dr. Food’s 12-week program for EACH CoolSculpting cycle you purchase when you buy 5 or more cycles at the same time. That means you can get a 12-week Dr. Food program for Free if you buy 10 CoolSculpting cycles.

This offer CAN be combined with other Dr. Freeze packages to make our services even more affordable. So contact us today and get the ultimate combo for dramatic results.

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